Atheism Growing as Agnostics are Rising among Young People

Jesus, what a wonder you are

The growing number of unbelievers are rapidly growing among young people. Atheism grows significantly among our communities especially in the U.S.. Let’s include the agnostics and the unaffiliated that will bump up the numbers even more. It is now becoming more prevalent in social medias, movies and within our circle of friends. Open your browser and you will see. In my opinion it is becoming more in line with a person’s sexuality. You have to definitely respect and honor it since it is someone’s own conviction. It becomes part of a democratic right and freedom. Unlike few years ago or probably decades ago, skeptics are often prejudged and referred to as stigmas of the society. When was the last time we put witches in flames? hahaha

Psalms 14:1 – The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.

Atheism Growing as Agnostics are Rising among Young People

As atheism growing, christians need more convincing to do.

Atheism growing significantly as agnostics are

The ever growing numbers of atheists, agnostics and unaffiliated should be alarming to the rest of the world. A person with no religion and being not affiliated to christianity is one step closer to becoming an atheist. That is the beginning of not searching and seeking God in your life. And that means God is not pleased at all. He wanted us to seek Him. Those who seek Him and was able to will be rewarded infinitely.

I do know that a man’s thirst of searching a Supreme Being in his life makes a man special in the sight of God. What pleases God is the exercise of faith. Faith is something that we believe but could not be seen. Something to hope for, a hope that is not yet seen but can soon be evident. Imagine if there is no hope and faith. It would be impossible to please our Creator. More skeptics or not having any belief of God within our society affects their way of life and the way they could bring up their own family. Down the road, their will be vast effects. We may deal with different outlooks in life, thoughts, attitudes and actions in about everything. If this continues, some communities may be doomed into a godless society. That sounds really scary and frightening.

Do we live in a better generation? We are now living in an overly open minded world. It seems that the sky is the limit what man can do these days.