All Hail King Jesus Lyrics and Chords

ALL HAIL KING JESUS (KEY OF C)   C                                G ALL HAIL KING JESUS! F            C ALL HAIL EMMANUEL E7    Am                             D7 KING OF KINGS, LORD OF LORDS Dm-G7 BRIGHT MORNING STAR F        G7                C                       C7 AND THROUGHOUT ETERNITY F         Fm I’LL SING HIS PRAISES C                     Am AND I’LL REIGN WITH HIM Dm        F       G7-C THROUGHOUT ETERNITY

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Agnus Dei Lyrics and Chords Key of C

AGNUS DEI Lyrics and Chords KEY OF C   by Michael W. Smith   C      F   C      G ALLELUIA C       F  G  F ALLELUIA G FOR THE LORD GOD F              C              Dm  C ALMIGHTY REIGNS           F      C    G ALLELUIA C      F  G  F ALLELUIA G FOR THE LORD GOD F               C             Dm  C ALMIGHTY REIGNS     DmC   F-G   F AL – LE-LU – IA G   C HOLY G   C HOLY F         C              Am        G ARE YOU LORD GOD ALMIGHTY Dm             C           F WORTHY IS THE LAMB Dm              C           F WORTHY IS THE LAMB

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