Atheism Growing as Agnostics are Rising among Young People

Jesus, what a wonder you are

The growing number of unbelievers are rapidly growing among young people. Atheism grows significantly among our communities especially in the U.S.. Let’s include the agnostics and the unaffiliated that will bump up the numbers even more. It is now becoming more prevalent in social medias, movies and within our circle of friends. Open your browser and you will see. In my opinion it is becoming more in line with a person’s sexuality. You have to definitely respect and honor it since it is someone’s own conviction. It becomes part of a democratic right and freedom. Unlike few years ago or

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Love Your Enemies But Not All of Them

Matthew 5:44 – But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you; Do not love all your enemies but do not try to make more of them. We have enemies for sure. Although, we can not love all of our enemies. Why is that? Are we suppose to hate our enemies? No, but with some enemies we have to keep our distance. Well, we never teach our children to talk to strangers and go home with them. They

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Seek God First; World Seeks Material Wealth

World forgets Him, everyone is too busy in their lives Seeking God first is way too difficult for the world to do. Everybody is busy with their daily grind. Every household is hustling left and right when it comes to their lives and needs. We worry about too many things. Our hands are full and tight. It is almost impossible to overcome the struggles of everyday routine. How much more with surprise workloads that may suddenly arise. Somehow, the surprises are the ones that require immediate attention and gives us more headaches. We want more wealth and that seems for sure. Desiring

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L2R – Love 2b Rewarded

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L2R – Love 2b Rewarded He is asking us not the most difficult things in life but the most rewarding and fulfilling things to do in this world. That will be to love and to share our lives to all the people we love. Do good things and do the right things in life; and never the other way around. Spend the greatest quality moments with your family and community without violating the natural order of the society. We need to love to receive the reward. We need to share to be loved. A love full of faith and hope

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