Atheism Growing as Agnostics are Rising among Young People

Jesus, what a wonder you are

The growing number of unbelievers are rapidly growing among young people. Atheism grows significantly among our communities especially in the U.S.. Let’s include the agnostics and the unaffiliated that will bump up the numbers even more. It is now becoming more prevalent in social medias, movies and within our circle of friends. Open your browser and you will see. In my opinion it is becoming more in line with a person’s sexuality. You have to definitely respect and honor it since it is someone’s own conviction. It becomes part of a democratic right and freedom. Unlike few years ago or

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Reasons to Quit Facebook or to Simply Reduce Your time on it.

reasons to quit Facebook

10 Signs or Reasons to Quit Facebook or to Reduce Your Social Media Time.   Social media networks and Facebook definitely have many valid benefits in our society. Facebook is no doubt improving and adding more services everyday. It is a great way to connect to our friends and families that are away from us. You can easily look up your friends that you haven’t seen for years and can even literally check on their lives. Nowadays, it is somewhat easier and more convenient to use Facebook’s messenger or call button rather than dial their number in your home phones making long distance

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