Don’t Over Look Salvation Lyrics and Chords

DON’T OVER LOOK SALVATION lyrics and chords

Ricky Van Shelton



G                C               G
Heaven is a city built by jewels rare
                               D    D7
Its beauty is a splendor yet untold
   G                            C           G
If you neglect salvation you'll never enter in
                  D7                    G    C  G
You'll never ever walk those streets of gold


                                  C              G
So don't overlook salvation while living here in sin
                              D    D7
Someday it may be too late to pray
G                            C               G
Someday when you need Him He may not let you in
                D7              G    C  G
How awful if He should turn you away


                                      C               G
Sometimes we get discouraged while we walk this weary way
                                 D    D7
But Jesus said He'd every burden bear
   G                                  C                 G
So take Him all your troubles when it seems all hope is gone
                        D7           G      C  G
Just trust Him when you go to Him in prayer


                            C                 G
Jesus said be ready for you know not when the hour
                                D    D7
He may come at morning night or noon
   G                           C                         G
So keep your eyes upon Him and your soul filled with His power
                  D7            G    C  G
For you know He's surely coming soon

Repeat Chorus:

                D7              C  G
How awful if He should turn you away

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Don't over look salvation

Don’t over look salvation lyrics and chords