King and I Lyrics and Chords

KING AND I Lyrics and Chords
KEY of G


G    D+       G
 The King and I
       E7                Am        
 Walk down life's road together
             D        D7       G
 Where many people go passing by
      D+    G             E7     Am
 The great one and I'm a lonely beggar
               D        D+
 Walk hand in hand the King and I


G7              C         C#dim
 Why should He care for me
             Bm   Bb     Bm
 Will always be a mystery
    Em                      A
 He holds the world in His Hands
            D Eb D
 But who am I
     D+     G            Gdim
 And so my heart somehow
 Can't help wonder             
 Can't were together  
       D7      G   C  G
 The King and I


      D+     G          Gdim        Am
 My Lord and I not long ago were stranger
                       F#    G
 And walk alone not knowing why
D+         G               Gdim   Am
 Until He came and Put His arms around me
               D            D7       G C G
 Now were not stranger, My Lord and I

king and I lyrics and chords