L2R – Love 2b Rewarded

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L2R – Love 2b Rewarded

He is asking us not the most difficult things in life but the most rewarding and fulfilling things to do in this world. That will be to love and to share our lives to all the people we love. Do good things and do the right things in life; and never the other way around. Spend the greatest quality moments with your family and community without violating the natural order of the society. We need to love to receive the reward. We need to share to be loved. A love full of faith and hope that we will always believe that our Father in heaven will bestow upon each and everyone who succeeds in this life. For this is but temporary and the life to come is an eternity with Him.

Loving and sharing should be the primary concern of everyone. This is what our life is, full of consequences. It may not be as simple as that to some but it will always get to you one way or another. There may be an anomaly to the rule but at some point it will be calibrated and you will receive the difference at the end. If not, for sure you will receive it in the next life. Whatever we do in life we receive the appropriate responses and reactions afterwards. That is the balance of nature.


L2r – Love 2b Rewarded

We received the grace of God for free. The promise was not originally for us but for the Israelites. We have no effort and have no struggles to obtain it but He gave us the chance to be a part of His glory. Salvation arrived not by our works but through the sufferings and death of our Lord. He is a gracious God, full of mercy and compassion. Nothing can be compared to His amazing love and faithfulness.  We just need to seek Him in the deepest parts of our hearts. Let us start believing and having faith in Him. A little faith is acceptable as long as it is pure and growing.

John 5:39 KJV -Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me.

L2R dot com will be for the hungry and thirsty. This is for all the people who seek for the truth and long for an everlasting  life together with his own family and ultimately with our Father in heaven. I will  be serving anyone who loves and wants to know more about Jesus Christ regardless of color, culture, achievement and whatsoever differences it may be. L2R will serve everybody to the utmost of our ability.For the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ is for everybody who wants to be saved. L2r will also help everyone through its free lyrics database with chords available for printing and sharing. It will be my greatest honor and pleasure to share the Words of Life.

Keep on visiting L2R.com. I will be sharing more encouragements and more understanding thru His Holy words. All glory belongs to God for without Him we are nothing.

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