Reasons to Quit Facebook or to Simply Reduce Your time on it.

reasons to quit Facebook

10 Signs or Reasons to Quit Facebook or to Reduce Your Social Media Time.


Social media networks and Facebook definitely have many valid benefits in our society. Facebook is no doubt improving and adding more services everyday. It is a great way to connect to our friends and families that are away from us. You can easily look up your friends that you haven’t seen for years and can even literally check on their lives. Nowadays, it is somewhat easier and more convenient to use Facebook’s messenger or call button rather than dial their number in your home phones making long distance calls. And the best of all, these services are all for free. It comes with no fees upfront, for now anyway.

If you value privacy so much, you are surely paying more intrinsic value by losing a lot of it.

Here are some of the reasons to quit Facebook or signs you just need to reduce your time using it. You may be too addicted with it already and may soon lose control of your life. And we can agree to disagree to these reasons. However, being a Christian we have to think twice.

These are generic and specific signs or reasons to quit Facebook:

1. You spend more time on facebook and other social media networks rather than reading the bible and praying. Average active Facebook user spend 20+ minutes per day that includes commenting, liking and just scrolling around. Yes, you read it right, that is only 20 minutes per day.

Spending more than 20 minutes is losing a lot of time in your life. If you spend about 3 hours a day that is like 1095 hours per year or 45.6 straight days of “facebooking”.


2. This is another way where evil can progress and tempt us. We may not be aware but we see a lot of things in Facebook that may cause us some rage, pain and uncontrollable outburst of emotions. A friend may post a group picture where she is looking gorgeous but you are looking awfully disgruntled. It is a great medium to show off your new car, new house and other new things in your life that others may feel very envious about it.

It is so easy to get misinterpreted in social media. You may just be proud but others may think you are self centered, a show off or openly materialistic. Who knows what others may think?

It is so easy to find enemies in social media. You can unfriend, unlike or simply forget your friends birthday.


3. Changing habits. What is the last thing you are holding before going to sleep? Is it your cellphone or tablet? How about when you wake up early in the morning? You  jump  and rise up with just faint notification beeps you hear even it is not coming from your own phone. Where did you get your conversation piece? It is probably from one of the Facebook post you’ve seen awhile ago. Your habits change without even noticing it.

Disregarding simple acts of sweetness to your love ones. When you wake up in the morning you look first for your cellphone to check your account messages or notifications instead of saying good morning or hugging your love ones. When going to bed, instead of talking of how your day went by you will be too busy scrolling your phone.

Instead of watching a movie together with your hubby, you just have to quiet down and check on your Facebook friends.


4. It is becoming a health hazard. We need 7-8 hours of sleep everyday as an adult, children needs more. More Facebook time means less time to rest, sleep and eat. Many of our kids and even adults are getting into the hype of Candy Crush, Clash of Clans and so many other Facebook games. Forgetting or delaying the most important things for our health.


5. Changing priorities whether intentionally or subconsciously. When you are out for a family dinner what are you doing? Probably there’s no more eye contact conversations or even worse no more interactions within family members. Everybody is too busy with their own internet devices.

reasons to quit Facebook

There are many reasons to quit Facebook. But if quitting is impossible, the world needs to slow down on internet devices and high tech gadgets.

You forget to wash dishes, cook food and unable to finish your chores because you are too busy surfing around. You lose track of time.

You can’t do your homework and study without scanning your Facebook every now and then. A short glance becomes an hour of stare and giggling. Until you are fast asleep.

6. Facebook has become an advertising hub for all kinds of people including criminals and frauds. People can lie, make stories and pretend who they are.  It becomes a favorite spot for prying eyes, scammers and cheaters alike searching for their next prey.

7. There may be too much freedom. Vulgar and inappropriate words and pics can be viewed regardless of who is the user. There is barely or limited restrictions. It seems censorship and  restrictions are difficult to implement. There are no ratings and almost everything can be viewed and shared by everyone.

8. If you keep posting or sharing things that are in any way not beneficial and advantageous to one’s mind (intra-personal), interpersonal skills and spiritual growth. It is plain nonsense and waste of time for other users to benefit on it, why share it. Some may not even be intended for all kinds of audience. It is time to quit.

If you are sharing it, it only means you looked at them first. You just wasted your time and just wanted others to waste their time too. It does not benefit you in anyway possible.


9. You spend the money that you don’t have since you needed it in a far more important purpose. Households of many third world countries needed to sign up for at least 1 or 2 years contract or buy prepaid cards to get wifi connection in their phones and tablets. Many families maybe allotting more of their finances towards Facebook connectivity rather than good and healthy nutrition or lifestyle.

Some may say it is ok to eat less or not pay rent rather than losing your social media status.

10. Facebook uses you, they are targeting you to make more money. Who does not want to make more money every year? Facebook became a publicly traded company initially offered on May 18, 2012. It only means it has a lot of investors that it needed to satisfy monetarily.

Ridiculously fast and ever changing platform that you become part of. You become a subscriber to whatever Facebook decided to cater to you. You are just one of their millions of subscribers that needed to follow their rules.

It is becoming hard to know and understand what is really happening in the internet world. You should be an advance user to change and navigate things the way you like it to manage your account. You can not literally know what is really happening behind the scenes.

Facebook is a leisure that becomes a necessity. Some workplaces currently does their most communications through social medias. And other hiring agencies and companies check applicants’ Facebook before employment.


Facebook and other social medias have been definitely affecting the world of our generation. Facebook usage has been a blessing to many but to some it may had been detrimental and harmful. As a user and consumer we all have rights and freedom but make sure we will not abuse it. Let us not use our liberty for an occasion to the flesh but try our best to be a blessing to everyone and to our Creator.

***This article is only base on my own opinion and observation. Understand and utilize this info in your own risk. This is intended for personal use only.